Dump the CD-i's BIOS Using a Null-Modem Cable

Step 1

Assuming you already have a CD-i system, you will need a Null-Modem Cable.

Details on how to build one of these can be found here.

Step 2

Connect your CD-i to you PC using the Null-Modem Cable in Port 2 and download the CD-I Link program. UnZip the contents to any directory. Open the command prompt, make your way to the directory and run cdilink.

Step 3

Type the command cdilink -roms to begin the dumping; you will need to reboot your CD-i player to begin the process. CD-i Link uses a stub protocol which in some cases you will need to use an actual CD-i disc containing the cdi_stub to initiate the program. You can find the cdi_stub disc image here and the it's source-code here. After a short wait you should have a copy of your CD-i's BIOS files. Have fun and happy dumping! MESS Devs are always grateful to see new dumps.


  • If you have a Digital Video Cartridge installed you will also find a 256KB file with your BIOS dump.
  • If your computer lacks a serial port, USB cables are also availible.
  • Some CD-i models lack the Port 2 required for the Null-Modem cable, a CD-i Splitter Cable is needed to deal with these models.