In incog's Possession

Bandai Pippin ATWORLD

Model No PW-10001, Ver 1.2 ROM ROM Board Scan (ACCEPT Dumped by The Guru)

  • u1 CRC:2DC183CA
  • u2 CRC:5EB42B62
  • u3 CRC:85255709
  • u4 CRC:D351579E


Bandai Pippin ATMARK

Model No PA-82001, KINKA Ver 1.0 ROM ROM Board Scan (ACCEPT Dumped!)

  • u1 CRC:AAEA2449
  • u2 CRC:3D584419
  • u3 CRC:D8AE5037
  • u4 CRC:3E2851BA


pippin_pcb_scan.jpg pippin_pcb_scan_back.jpg pippin_rom_board_scan.jpg pippin_exp_mem_card.jpg

Game Boy Color

For decapping. Sent to Lord_Nightmare

(ACCEPT Dumped by costis, no longer needs decapping)


Game Boy Light


CPU MGB 1996 Nintendo JAPAN 9817 DB

For decapping.

Game Boy Pocket


CPU MGB 1996 Nintendo JAPAN 9808 DA

For decapping.

VTech I.T. Unlimited

Edutainment nonsense, I think it uses surface mounted flash, broken, will donate to anybody who can dump it. I also have a cart to dump.

VTech PreComputer 2000

(ACCEPT Dumped! CRC:0B03BF33)

The “LH532” with the Vtech copyrights is a standard mask ROM

vtech_precomp2k_pcb.jpg vtech_precomp2k_pcb_back.jpg

Sega Multi-Mega

Surface mounted flash, broken, will donate to anybody who can dump it.

Sega Radica

Megadrive in a pad, inbuilt games are Sonic 2, Ecco the Dolphin, The Ooze, Columns, Gain Ground and Alex the kid in the enchanted castle) (HazeMD already supports 2 radica dumps)


sega_radica_pcb.jpg sega_radica_pad_pcb.jpg

Radica Tetris

(ACCEPT Not working yet, but already dumped and supported in MESS!)

TV-Game with 5 tetris variations, 2 epoxy blobs.

Hasbro NetJet

Gamepad console which plugs into a USB port, uses plastic key-fobs to unlock downloadable flash games. Terrible peice of crap from 2006. Once inserted into the USB port it emulates an optical drive which contains 2 files. AutoRun.exe and autorun.inf. Launching AutoRun.exe starts some kind of software unlocking and then finally installation of some software. This software once installed and used in conjuntion with your NetJet controller, with key-fob inserted is used to download crappy flash games.

When I started it up for the first time I was shown this screen:

PLEASE NOTE: We hope you have enjoyed your NET JET Online Gaming System. Unfortunately, NET JET products have been discontinued. As stated on the NET JET Online Gaming System package: “Hasbro is committed to maintaining servers for this product until 01/01/09. After that date servers necessary to use this product may no longer be maintained.” Hasbro can not guarantee whether or how long this site will be available after 01/01/09. At any time after 01/01/09 the number of games available on this site may be reduced and Hasbro may permanently discontinue the servers for this product and your NET JET Online Gaming System may no longer be operational. If Hasbro decides to continue operation of this site after 01/01/09, Hasbro will post a notice in this space with details. We appreciate your interest in Hasbro products. If you have any

This software also hijacks fullscreen mode, stopping you from ALT-TAB'ing your way into other windows, which is extremely annoying.

Once you pass the notice that the NET JET sevice is to be discontinued, the application starts up and you are able to choose from 3 “featured” games per key-fob, which are 30 minute demo's. The payment system for the “full” flash games seems to be down and crashes the app if you attempt to load the page. All of the games are terrible flash based crapfests and not worth paying for.

For the sake of archival I will monitor with wireshark to see where the games are downloaded from or what data is passed to the server as it unlocks a game.

The only IC in the Key-fob is an ATMEL708 93C66A SU27. In the controller itself are 3 small epoxy blobs and an IC labled ATMEL702 93C66A SU27.


Famiclone (Sent to The Guru)



Acetronic Chess Traveller

Electronic chess game that uses a Fairchild 3870, unsure how to dump.

Acetronic MPU 1000

Acetronic MPU 1000 (Nothing to dump) (PCB Scan) ASCII


  • 1: Olympics
  • 2: Grand Prix
  • 3: Blackjack
  • 4: Tank/Plane Battle
  • 5: Air/Sea Attack
  • 12: Horse Racing
  • 15: Soccer
  • 27: Invaders

Videomaster Database


  • 5: Tank & Plane
  • 12: Circus
  • 14: Four-In-A-Row

Grandstand Light Games

Strange old handheld that uses a projection system.


  • Soccer

Adman Grandstand Video Entertainment Computer (UK Licensed Channel F)

Adman Grandstand Video Entertainment Computer (UK Licensed Channel F) PCB Scan (ACCEPT Dumped! Confirmed same as current dump)

  • sl31253.rom CRC:04694ED9
  • sl31254.rom CRC:9C047BA3


  • Videocart 1 (ACCEPT Dumped! Confirmed same as current dump CRC:FF4768B0)
  • Videocart 8 (ACCEPT Dumped! Confirmed same as current dump CRC:24DA0529)

Adman Grandstand Cartridge TV Game Console

Pong with carts console PCB Scan ASCII


Action Max (PAL)

The HD401010 is the CPU


VHS Tape:

Bandai Video Challenger (PAL)

(ACCEPT Not working yet, but already dumped and supported in MESS!)


PCB Scan ASCII (I have 2 of these, 1 broken)

VHS Tapes:

APF Mathemagician

(ACCEPT Dumped! Emulated in MESS!)

TMS1100 (Sent to Sean Riddle)

Scan PCB Scan ASCII Overlays, Manual, Box, PCB

Mario Bros. Game & Watch

(ACCEPT Dumped! Emulated in MESS!) Scan PCB Scan ASCII

Bandai Wonderswan

(for decapping)

Epoch Barcode Battler

BBC Bridge Companion

(ACCEPT Dumped! Now emulated in MESS!) (Soldered in PAL needs dumping, 2 XTALs are labled 4.433619 and 10.6875) PCB Scan Cart PCB Scan

Bandai Playdia

PCB Scan (Sent to The Guru)


  • [BAPD-02] Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon S - Quiz Taiketsu! Sailor Power Shūketsu!! (ACCEPT Dumped! Ask Incog for CHD CRC:52F52B90)
  • [BAPD-03] SD Gundam Daizukan (ACCEPT Dumped! Ask Incog for CHD CRC:03E62D6A)
  • [BAPD-04] Ultraman Powered - Kaijū Gekimetsu Sakusen
  • [BAPD-05] Hello Kitty - Yume no Kuni Daibōken (ACCEPT Dumped! Ask Incog for CHD CRC:CC7E8373)
  • [BAPD-06] Aqua Adventure - Blue Lilty
  • [BAPD-07] Newton museum - Kyōryū Nendaiki Zenpen
  • [BAPD-08] Newton museum - Kyōryū Nendaiki Kōhen (ACCEPT Dumped! Ask Incog for CHD CRC:79DB90FC)
  • [BAPD-09] Shuppatsu! Dōbutsu Tankentai (ACCEPT Dumped! Ask Incog for CHD CRC:C2232638)

Casio Loopy

Casio Loopy PCB Scan (Partial Dump CRC:8F51FA17) Main BIOS is still hidden in the SH-1 CPU, the dump we have is for the internal thermal printer.


  • Wanwan Aijou Monogatari (Partial Dump CRC:291AB2BC) (Missing dump of: OKI MSM6653A Voice Synthesis IC with 544Kbits internal maskROM (SOP24))

Amstrad GX4000

(ACCEPT Emulated in MESS!)



  • Batman

Amstrad Mega PC

(Keyboard controller needs dumping) PCB Scan

Amstrad Mega PC Plus

(Keyboard controller needs dumping) PCB Scan Sega Megadrive ISA Card Scan

Toshiba T2000SX Laptop (Intel 386SX)

(ACCEPT Dumped! CRC:E9010B02)

PCB Scan PCB Scan Continued PCB Scan Back

Amstrad PPC 640

(ACCEPT Dumped!)

  • 40107-3.ic132 CRC:DC946156
  • 40108-3.ic129 CRC:9FA118D2
  • 40109.ic159 CRC:1E0D2D8A
  • 40135.ic912 CRC:70BC9F23

PCB Scan PCB Scan Continued PCB Scan Continued...

Grandstand Game Player

Dedicated handheld with removable cart-looking screens, these carts have no IC's in them all all the games must be stored in the main unit. Scan PCB Scan (Front) PCB Scan (Back) - BROKEN_LINK ASCII


Videomaster Star Chess

Commodore D-TV

(ACCEPT Dumped by the Guru)


Tapwave Zodiac

  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 (ACCEPT Dumped to CHD) CRC:8E7C0728

Nokia N-Gage

MMC Cards:

  • FIFA Football 2004 (ACCEPT Dumped to CHD) CRC:7FD8A3CF
  • MotoGP (ACCEPT Dumped to CHD) CRC:79286294
  • Pandemonium! (ACCEPT Dumped to CHD) CRC:10661F44
  • Red Faction (ACCEPT Dumped to CHD) CRC:E1DF0629
  • Super Monkey Ball (ACCEPT Dumped to CHD) CRC:CF7C5F2A
  • Tom Clancey's Splinter Cell (ACCEPT Dumped to CHD) CRC:AC63784C
  • Tomb Raider (ACCEPT Dumped to CHD) CRC:955E4AC4
  • Virtua Tennis (ACCEPT Dumped to CHD) CRC:9AE3471F


  • Datel Pro Action Replay (gameboy cart) (ACCEPT Dumped by The Guru) PCB Scan - BROKEN_LINK
  • M748LMRT Rev 1.5 PC Motherboard (ACCEPT Dumped) CRC:638E9512