Input options

  • executable - the name or full path of the executable you want to use
  • listxml_file - the name or full path of the alernative -listxml output you want to use

Environment options

  • rompath - the rom path(s) passed to the -rp parameter of the given executable
  • hashpath - the hash path(s) used by the given executable (MESS only)
  • osdprocessors - sets the OSDPROCESSOR environment variable

Processing options

  • use_devices - controls the usage of device files (must be named mrt_<system>.xml and placed in the working directory / MESS only)
  • use_nonrunnable - controls the processing of entries in -listxml marked as runnable=“no”
  • xpath_expr - the XPath expression applied on the -listxml output to select the driver, that should be processed (has to start with DRIVER_ROOT macro to be application-independent / only XPath 1.0 is supported)
  • device_file - use a fixed list of devices instead of the automatic detection based on driver name and device type
  • use_isbios - controls the testing of MAME bios sets
  • skip_mandatory - controls the testing of drivers with mandatory devices, when devices are specified (MESS only)
  • test_softrest - controls the execution of a softreset on each driver (only works with “use_debug”)

Command-line options

  • str - the value passed to the -str parameter of the executable
  • use_bios - controls the processing of all available bioses for a driver
  • use_sound - controls the sound output
  • use_ramsize - controls the processing of all available ramsizes of a driver (MESS only)
  • use_autosave - controls the usage of -autosave of all drivers, that support it (runs each driver twice - once for initial saving and once or loading)
  • use_throttle - controls the usage of throttling
  • use_debug - controls the usage of the internal debugger (will automatically pass a script with the “go” command, so it will continue)
  • use_dipswitches - controls the processing of all available dip switches for a driver (only working with 0.136 and up)
  • use_configurations - controls the processing of all available configurations for a driver (only working with 0.136 and up)
  • use_softwarelist - controls the usage of software lists (MESS only / only working with 0.138 and up)
  • write_mng - controls the writing of MNGs for each driver
  • write_avi - controls the writing of AVIs for each driver
  • write_wav - controls the writing of WAVs for each driver
  • additional_options - specifies additional options for the command-line

Output options

  • output_folder - specify the folder the mame_regtest output gets written to
  • store_output - controls if the output files of a call are kept
  • clear_output_folder - controls the clearing the output folder on start-up
  • print_xpath_results - controls the creatíon of a XML containg the results of the XPath expression

Valgrind options

  • use_valgrind - will run each call in valgrind (UNIX only)
  • valgrind_binary - the location of the valgrind binary (UNIX only)
  • valgrind_parameters - the parameters, that will be passed to the valgrind calls (–log-file is added by mame_regtest / UNIX only)

Additional options

  • test_createconfig - controls the configuration creation in the output folder (the file is not used as configuration for the tests)
  • verbose - controls the amount of command-line output


  • hack_debug - indicates, that given executable is a debug version for versions, that don't have the debug attribute in the -listxml output (necessary until 0.114)
  • hack_ftr - forces usage of old -ftr parameter and the old snapshot locations (necessary until 0.113)
  • hack_biospath - forces the usage of the old -bp parameter (MESS only / necessary until 0.111)
  • hack_mngwrite - forces the usage of the old MNG locations (necessary until 0.???)
  • hack_pinmame - works around issues in the -listxml output of PinMAME (necessary until 0.???)