Lord Nightmare

Jonathan “Lord Nightmare” Gevaryahu is a contributor to MESS, mostly in the forms of new dumps, new information, the occasional skeleton driver, and near constant IRC 'verbal diarrhea' commentary that drives MooglyGuy insane. :-P

Pending Skeleton Drivers, in Rough Priority Order

  1. Votrax PSS done. Driver needs work: PIT hookup, AY-3-8910 hookup, SC-01-A TP3(interpolation disable) emulation and clock input R/C filter PWMing.
  2. Votrax TNT done. Driver needs work: needs SC-01-A A/R emulation for 6802 IRQ, needs 6850 UART hooked up for serial in/out.
  3. DECTalk DTC-01 done. MC68681/MC68HC2681 core needs work to properly handle RTS/CTS flags and outputs.
  4. Speak and Spell done, hap did the cpu and driver, and lots of people contributed roms and vsms and typing jobs.
  5. Speak and Math done, hap typed the patent proto rom, sean riddle decapped another mcu and got the final cd2708 rom, still need the older cd2704 one.
  6. Language Translator hap typed the patent (proto?) rom, needs more work to get running.
  7. Touch and Tell hap typed the patent (proto?) rom, needs more work to get running.
  8. Vtech/LASER Compumate 2done by Robbbert and Kale (needs ROMs dumped using fluke, Z80 is now socketed (Thanks kevtris!) but device doesn't like starting with the fluke in the z80 slot)
  9. Vtech Socrates done. Toshiba PARCOR speech chip is not emulated. Interrupt masking is not emulated (assuming that's what the mystery I/O ports handle). Waitstates are not emulated causing driver to run at 3x the speed it should.
  10. Franklin Language Master LM4000 (pending ROM dumps)
  11. Telesensory/Speech Plus Prose 2000partly done, needs a little more uPD77c20 CPU/DSP core work involving interrupts and serial output; main cpu may need some minor I/O plumbing.
  12. Victor 9000/Sirius 1 driver in progress by Curt Coder; (messy, requires SASI? drive support for the HDD, and proper emulation of the 8048-based Tandon-mechanism multispeed floppy drive); all ROMs for a universal ROM rev system are dumped (keyboard MCU, floppy MCU and main CPU ROMs); currently the keyboard comms between main unit and the keyboard don't work properly, may need tracing of the board.
  13. Epson HX-20 skeleton driver done by Micko? sub processor dumped by kevtris; more ROM dumps needed for multiple revisions. 'Realvoice' add-on needs MCU trojaned. MALE voice ROMs need dump.
  14. Rockwell AIM-65/40 skeleton done in its own driver. The Motorola display driver chip may need a segment table dump.
  15. Heathkit ET3400A and ET3400 (trivial, most challenge is the artwork; ET3400 non-a needs ROM dump) skeleton done by Micko, finished by Robbbert
  16. Intel SDK-86 (somewhat involved, lot of changable settings and I/O chips and stuff, mostly involving waitstates) skeleton done by Micko, driver mostly works after work by ?Robbbert?
  17. C64DTV NTSC and PAL, plus the Hummer (needs BASIC program to dump BIOSes to IEC, or dumping of ROM chips; Guru has a PAL DTV sent from me via incog, needs dumping)
  18. Olivetti M24 AKA AT&T PC6300: PC clone, lots of PAL dumps done; at least a dozen versions of the BIOS and various PALs/PROMs exist, driver has most of these in it; also need the Z8001? expansion board (which allows Olivetti M20 software to run?) dumped plus its pals
  19. Epson Equity I+: PC clone, this is dumped.
  20. DEC VT320: skeleton done by Micko using ROMs from someone else; need to dig ROMs out of unit, buried way below the CRT tube; several dumps of this exist
  21. DEC/Boundless VT520: skeleton done by Micko. unit here needs vertical deflection amp circuit traced and repaired.
  22. Intel SDK-85 (need ROMs, similar to KIM-1 but Intel hardware, predecessor to SDK-86; ROMs are on custom-masked MIOT-like ROM-RAM-I/O chips) skeleton done by ?Robbbert?

Low Priority

  1. PCM-12 minicomputer (ROM-less, PDP-8 clone)
  2. Fluke 9010A (really! it has a CPU, and ROMs for v1.3 firmware are dumped already AFAIK. Older firmwares are needed dumps, dumps of 1.3a and 1.3b exist AFAIK.)
  3. Wavetek/Digelec EP804 EPROM programmer (again, it has a CPU, and I need to back up the ROMs anyway. Have v1.4 ROMs on an old-MB unit at home which needs dumping; have 2.0? ROMs as well which need the newer MB. About 7 ROM revs exist total.) ROMs version 1.4, 1.6 fully dumped, 2.0 is dumped but missing the mapper PROM or PAL. Driver done by myself and Balrog.


Specifications for Speech Synthesis LSI

Device Manufacturer Announced Synthesis Algorithm Process Voltage (V) Pins Internal ROM (bit) External ROM (bit) Minimum Configuration Bit rate (Kb/sec) No. of Bits Encoded Frame Period (ms) Bits / Frame Vocabulary Size Std. Sampling Frequency (kHz) Exciting Source D/A (bit)
CD2802 Texas Instruments PARCOR PMOS - 9 28 3 chips 0.6-2.4 Sin²wt, M-array 7
ECL1565 NTT 1979.10 LSP/Formant CMOS 5 64 3 chips 1.2-9.6 Pulse, M-array 8
HC55564 Harris Delta
HD38880B Hitachi/NTT 1979.1 PARCOR PMOS 5 28 128 K (16x) 3 chips 2.4-9.6 Sin²wt, M-array 8
HD61885 Hitachi 1981. PARCOR CMOS 5 28 32 K 128 K (16x) 1 chip 2.5/5.0/9.9 10/20 50/99 63 10 integrated pulse, M-array 9
LR3681 Sharp Phoneme particle CMOS 1.6-3.2 256
LRN3680 Sharp 1980.3 Composite Sine CMOS 4-5 44 32 K 1 chip 1.6 8
M50800 Mitsubishi PARCOR CMOS 2.65-7.1 7.5/10/15/20 53 (including repeat bits) 64 8-10
M58817AP Mitsubishi 1980.8 PARCOR PMOS - 10 28 3 chips 1.96-3.92 Pulse, M-array 7
MB8760 (FDSP1) Fujitsu 1980. PARCOR NMOS 5,12 28 3 chips 2.4-9.6 Pulse, Triangular, M-array 10
MEA8000 Valvo/Philips Formant
MM54104 (SPC) National Semiconductor 1980. Speech segm (Delta) NMOS 7-11 40 2 chips 2
MN1261 Matsushita/Panasonic 1980.12 PARCOR CMOS 5 24 3 chips 2.0-9.6 Residual segment, M-array 10
MN6401 Matsushita/Panasonic 1980.2 PARCOR NMOS 5 28 32 K 1 chip 1.2-5.5 10/20 43-55 (repeat included) 63 10 Residual segment, M-array 8
MSM5205 OKI Delta
MSM6202RS OKI 1981.10 ADPCM (Delta) CMOS 3-5 18 144 K 1 chip 10-32 10
MSM6212 OKI ADPCM (Delta) CMOS 7-24.6 3 124 5.5/8.2
S14001A TSI 1975
SC-01 Votrax/Federal Screw Works Formant
SC-02 (SSI263) Silicon Systems Inc. Formant
SP0250 General Instrument PARCOR 128 K
SP0256 General Instrument 1980.1 PARCOR NMOS 5 28 16 K 1 chip 0.7-2.4 Pulse, M-array 7
T6721 Toshiba 1981.10 PARCOR CMOS 5 42 3 chips 2.4-9.6 Residual segment, M-array 9
T6803 Toshiba PARCOR CMOS 2.5-9.6 10/20 50/56/98 63 10
TMC0280 Texas Instruments PARCOR
TMC0281 Texas Instruments PARCOR
TMS5100 Texas Instruments 1978.6 PARCOR PMOS - 9 28 3 chips 0.6-2.4 Sin²wt, M-array 7
TMS5110A Texas Instruments PARCOR PMOS - 9 28 3 chips 0.6-2.4 Sin²wt, M-array 7
TMS5200 Texas Instruments PARCOR
TMS5220 Texas Instruments PARCOR
UAA1003 ITT Delta
UAA1103 ITT Delta
µPD1771C NEC Phoneme particle NMOS 0.2 - 0.4 bits/particle
µPD1774C NEC 1981.10 Speech segm (Delta) NMOS 4.5-6.6 28 48 K 1 chip 1-5 9
µPD7751C NEC 1981.3 ADPCM (Delta) NMOS 5 40 4 chips 14-20/24 4 8 4/5/6 ext
µPD7752C NEC 1981.10 Formant CMOS 5 28 32 K 1 chip 1.5/2.4-5.6 10/20 63 9.5/10.5 Pulse, M-array 9
VLM5030 Sanyo PARCOR NMOS 2.4/4.8/9.6 10/20 48 (repeat included) 256 8
VSY100 Sanyo 1980. PARCOR NMOS 5 40 2 chips 2.4-9.6 Pulse, M-array 7

Source: Speech Science and Technology, Shuzo Saito ed., IOS Press, 1992, pg. 367