MESS System Information File

This file contains the basic system information for most of the drivers presented in the MESS distribution. The most current copy of this file resides at and is also available in the MESS Subversion Repository (link is to an unofficial mirror).

All corrections and submissions are welcome, please try to duplicate formatting of other entries to ensure that the file looks proper in the MESS release. Also when possible cite any references.

To submit corrections:

  1. Visit ProjectMESS.
  2. Locate and select the driver/system you wish to edit using the menu.
  3. Select the link at the bottom of the web page that says “Edit”.
  4. Follow the directions.

Driver entries are usually divided into these sections:

  • Features – Usually a quick list of important or unique features of that system.
  • Usage – This section lists any helpful commands for the computer or console in question, such as disk operating system and file loading BASIC commands. This information is not intended to replace a proper owner's manual for the system in question, and only contains the most simple commands that can also be found on any of dozens of websites devoted to the system. Moreover, this section can often have subsections devoted to the use of Cassettes, Floppy Disks, Cartridges and/or other particular hardware. We also show here, when available, the original layout of keyboard and keypad.
  • Known Issues – This section lists any known issues or bugs for the driver. These will be fixed as time and knowledge permit. Please be patient. If you have information that may help the MESS team resolve these issues go to the MESS wiki.
  • History and Trivia – This section contains various background pieces for a system. Much of the information in this section (and in the Features one) was kindly provided by Thierry Schembri and Olivier Boisseau of the Museum. Notice that we tried to credit the source of every bit of information we included, but we could have missed some: if you think that someone shall be credited and it's not, please let us know.
  • Links – This section lists links to information resources on the web. If any link is outdated, or if you know any interesting link missing, please let us know.
  • Other Emulators – This section lists alternative emulators for that system. If any link is outdated, or if you know of any good emulator missing, please let us know.

A short (and hopefully catchy) introduction may also be present at the beginning of each entry, to give the user an immediate idea of the emulated system.

System Information